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Thursday, October 25, 2012

January Term: focus on one course

This January, a number of courses will be offered to allow students the opportunity to focus on one course -- to delve into a particular subject matter or catch up on credits that count toward graduation. Know that there is no extra charge for staying in the residence halls during this time. Additionally, financial aid eligibility is considered as part of your student's spring term semester's award.

Both 2- and 4-credit courses are offered, including:
  • "Career Development for Women," a two-credit course designed for students who have not yet decided on a major. Perfect for first- and second-year students who need a structured process to discern their interests, values and skills in order to identify a satisfying academic plan.
  • "Personal Financial  Fitness," a two-credit course geared for first- and second-year students to provide the essential skills for developing a budget, understanding the importance of insurance, learning how to build strong credit and credit scores, and much more. (Juniors and seniors are encouraged to consider the 4-credit course, "Personal and Financial Management," offered in the spring.)
  • "Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Issues" is a core requirement in the exercise science department.
  • A number of 4-credit courses which will satisfy core requirements are offered in philosophy, art, science and math.
  • Several sections of "Global Search for Justice" (the bookend course of "The Reflective Woman") are being offered for juniors and seniors.
A complete list of courses offered during January are available on the registrar's website. Your student may enjoy the focused attention and the opportunity to gain credits toward graduation.

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