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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is your student prepared for registration?

Registration tips for students
By Lizette Bartholdi, Director of Academic Advising

November 14 is the first date of early registration for Spring Semester 2013. Registration is based on amount of credits earned. Students can identify their registration time by checking  their Kateway account.

Prior to registration, everyone who has earned less than 90 credits is required to  meet with an academic advisor. This allows students to review their online degree evaluation, discuss how the semester is going, and review any concerns or plans they have for this or upcoming semesters. Upper-class students who are already working with a major advisor can make plans for an internship, study abroad or any research they would like to pursue.

St. Kate's is offering more 2- and 4-credit courses this January than in the past. J-Term is a great time for students to get ahead, take a core course they need for their major or just experiment with a field they would like to try. Almost all students need elective credits. Please have your student discuss J-Term with her advisor. Refer your student to the January course listing on the Registrar's website.

If your student is new this year to the Day program in St Paul, urge her to attend our pre-registration planning sessions. The Office of Academic Advising has sent an email to all first-year and new transfer students informing them of the schedule. These presentations will help new students understand the liberal arts requirements at St. Kate’s, where to find information online and how to plan for spring semester.

Please encourage your student to contact the Office of Academic Advising if she has any questions about registration or academic advising. Call 651-690-6509 or email We are located on the second floor of Derham Hall.

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