Parent Update

Thursday, October 28, 2010

TRW event cancelled, more programs in store

We're sorry to inform you that the Nov. 3 speaker event, "TRW Primer for Parents," has been canceled. We look forward to seeing you at our future Parent and Family Speaker Series events, including:

Study Abroad at St. Kate’s: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How?:
Is your globally minded student considering study abroad? Join us for an interactive session on study-abroad opportunities for a semester, year, J-term or summer, presented by the Office of Global Studies and a panel of returnee study-abroad students. Planning ahead for these experiences is important. February 9, 7-8:30 p.m.,Room 372,CdC

Supporting the Career Development Needs of Your Student:
Learn about the services and programs that Career Development offers to St. Kate’s students. Hear from experts what parents can do to help guide and advise their student into preparing for life after graduation. Staff will share information about career fairs, job shadowing, career courses, career counseling and when students should utilize these services. A panel of student interns will share highlights of their internship experiences and what they learned. Encourage your daughter to attend this program as well. March 16, 7-8:30 p.m., Room 372, CdC

Monday, October 18, 2010

Finance expert shares money tips with students and parents

Nationally known financial expert Nathan Dungan speaks regularly to parents and students at St. Catherine University about his "share, save, spend" philosophy of money management. He talks about how "sharing" money impacts your family, your community and the world; how "saving" money allows you the flexibility to create change and opportunity in your life; and how "spending" money wisely, and with others in mind, can be a powerful way to align your actions with your values. Learn more: Finance expert shares money tips with students and parents

(Photo by Caatherine Tsen '11)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Citizen Katie: Our students volunteer in the community

The Indian Summer weather on Saturday, Oct. 16, allowed for a fantastic weekend program opportunity for residence hall students. Citizen Catie is our annual community service event that takes residence hall students into the community to do a variety of service projects. This year’s Citizen Katie event took place in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood – the home of St. Catherine University’s Minneapolis campus. The neighborhood was selected to allow Katies to work alongside people beyond our University community.

One group pulled weeds and raked leaves at the Fifth Street Garden; others cleaned up trash in Currie Park and along Cedar Avenue. Still other groups had the opportunity to clean up the upper and lower areas of scenic Riverside Park as well as Bohemian Flats. Some students collaborated with peers from the University of Minnesota to beautify Bluff Street Park. A final group had an opportunity to remove Bucktorn along West River Parkway in Minneapolis.

This year's Citizen Katie event was dedicated to the memory of alumna and St. Kate's benefactor Henrietta Schmoll Rauenhorst '49, who died on Oct. 13. The Henrietta Schmoll School of Health, one residence hall and a ballroom on the St. Paul campus are named in her honor.

Important dates and reminders

The Academic Advising office would like you to be aware of two important upcoming dates:

Monday, Nov. 1: Midterm grades are due.
Midterm grades provide students with a mid-point review of how they are doing in their classes. Students who are dissatisfied with their progress should talk with their professors to learn what can be done and how they can improve. If a faculty member does not post a mid-term grade, please encourage your student to talk directly with that faculty member so she can assess her progress.

Nov. 15 through Dec. 5: Early Registration for Winter.
This is the Early Registration Period for Winter Semester 2011. Make sure your student schedules an appointment early with her Academic Advisor so can discuss courses to take next term. This meeting can also be a time for your student to discuss concerns about her midterm grades, intended majors or any other questions she has. Academic advising is on the second floor of Derham Hall.

Monday, Nov. 1: Important financial deadline.
Payment in full is due for fall term on Monday, Nov. 1 (payment normally is due on the last day of October, but the date is extended this year because Oct. 31 is a Sunday). A registration hold will be placed on a student's account if the balance remains after term deadline.

Monday, Nov. 1 (previously October 31)
A 1 percent financial fee is assessed on any term balance and monthly thereafter. Students should refer to the Summary of Financial Procedures for more detail on Standard and Installment Payment Options. Go to and type Student Accounts into the search bar. There, you'll see a link to a PDF file called "Summary of Financial Procedures."

Help your student deal with homesickness

Dear Parents and family members,

Now that we’re into mid-fall, your daughter has begun to create her niche at St. Kate’s. She is meeting a lot of new people and encountering new ideas and activities in an unfamiliar environment. I hope that things are going smoothly, although new students almost always encounter a few bumps in the road. College can seem like an exciting adventure or a scary challenge – or both, depending upon the day or the hour.

How you and your daughter respond to the first year of college will depend on your temperaments and life histories. For your daughter, it may help to know that some of the difficulties she will experience are part of a normal developmental process and have been survived by many students before her.

Homesickness is common during the first year of college, though it may not always look the same or show up at the same time, depending upon the individual student. I describe it as a longing to be in a familiar, safe, secure place without having to face change and challenges that you aren’t sure you can manage.

Homesickness may show up right away or after the excitement of a new beginning wears off, or when tests loom and life "gets real." It may manifest itself as tears and sadness, or as irritability and anger. The very name “homesick” has been used to belittle or minimize a feeling that is a very real part of an important developmental process as young adults learn to trust themselves and cope with change. From the time they are born, children work to develop their own sense of identity, to discover who they are and what they can do in the world.

Over the years, parents gradually evolve from being totally in charge and central in the life of a newborn or even a school-aged child to stepping back and holding students with “open hands." Separating while staying connected is a theme of the first year of college and may help parents learn how to react to homesickness that can be managed without professional intervention.

Ups and downs are part of a new experience. If you have any questions or concerns about what your daughter is experiencing, please call the counseling center to consult with one of our psychologists. We may have suggestions for handling a particular situation or be able to guide you to other resources. Reach us at 651-690-6805.

Heide Malat, Psy. D., L. P.
Director, CSC Counseling Center